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Your company's stakeholders at the service of your CSR

Consulting your stakeholders is essential for your sustainability strategy.

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Collective intelligence at the service of your sustainability strategy

Your organisation's strategy impacts your internal and external stakeholders. It is therefore essential to involve your stakeholders in your strategic approach, in any review of your objectives or in your evaluation and reporting.

It will give them an important role and foster a long-term relationship with them.

This approach also enhances the collective intelligence within your organisation.

Dialogue in different shapes and formats

CAP conseil is trained in this standard and applies it automatically for its clients.

Stakeholders interview

to gather the specific views of key people in the organisation

Focus groups and stakeholder panels

to debate with 10 to 15 people, selected for their knowledge of the topic and their potential contribution to the chosen subject

Web and sms surveys

to collect quantitative information, objectify findings and draw statistical conclusions

Field surveys

face-to-face interviews in the street, at trade fairs, at times when it is convenient to meet the targeted stakeholders and sometimes more difficult to reach otherwise

Our tools

AA1000 - ISEA-AccountAbility UK

In the AA1000 series designed by ISEA-AccountAbility UK, a standard proposes a structured quality approach to identify, invite, dialogue and report to its stakeholders in a socially responsible way.

CAP Conseil has been trained in this standard and practices it automatically for its clients.

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