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ISO 26000 standard: the reference in CSR or OSR 

The ISO 26000 standard is the reference for Organisational and Corporate Social Responsibility (OSR/CSR). This standard makes it possible to identify the contribution of your organisation to sustainable development. This tool makes it possible to carry out an assessment or to define a strategy.

From 2006 to 2011, CAP Conseil was mandated as an expert by the Bureau for Standardisation (NBN) to contribute to the ISO 26000 standard together with 500 international experts.

We are therefore well placed to explain this standard and to guide you in its implementation.

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The ISO 26000 standard for your CSR

The ISO 26000 standard provides guidelines to structure any approach to social responsibility: principles, challenges per industry, stakeholder engagement, impact on the seven central issues and an efficient system for governance and due diligence.

The standard provides a quality base with an unequivocal language and an international reach. Well worth its while to get to know this standard and integrate it in your activities with our tailor-made training!

The 7 principles of ISO 26000

To develop a sustainable development strategy with ISO 26000, you need to apply these 7 principles.

ethical behaviour
recognition of stakeholder interests
respect for the rule of law
respect for international norms of behaviour
respect for human rights

Assessment of the 7 
ISO 26000 core subjects

To assess your situation and to take your responsibility, you need to address 7 core subjects, which the financial sector summarises today with the acronym ESG (environment, social, governance):

human rights
labour practices
the environment
fair operational practices
consumer issues
community involvement and development

Assessment of the 7 ISO 26000 core subjects

Example of an assessment on the 7 ISO 26000 core subjects: we compare the company's internal perceptions with an external assessment

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