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A compliant carbon footprint and accurate monitoring

By carrying out a greenhouse gas emissions assessment or carbon footprint, we know the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere by human activity: individuals, companies or organisations...

The carbon footprint varies according to sectors and activities depending on the intensity of fossil energy use: transport, agriculture, energy production, extractive or processing industry, construction, distribution, IT and technologies, services...

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4 good reasons to carry out a carbon footprint assessment of your company

establish an action plan to reduce your emissions

strengthen your overall impact strategy

prepare for upcoming regulatory constraints on greenhouse gas emissions

reduce your energy bill

3 scopes for a complete carbon footprint assessment

Scope 1

The company's direct greenhouse gas emissions

These are greenhouse gases directly emitted at company level.

Some examples: 

  • emissions from gas heating for your office or factory
  • fuel combustion emissions from service vehicles owned by the company
  • refrigerant gas leaks from air conditioning or fridges
Scope 2

Indirect energy-related emissions

These are mainly emissions related to electricity. They are not generated directly at the workplace, but at production level (combustion at a gas-fired power plant for example).



Scope 3

These are all other emissions.

Scope 3 is very broad by definition and generally accounts for the vast majority of emissions related to a company's activity.
If you don’t take Scope 3 into account, you would have a very incomplete image of your company's carbon footprint.

Some examples of Scope 3 emissions:

  • purchases of goods and raw materials
  • purchases of services (administrative, digital etc.)
  • commuting
  • the use made of products or services sold

CAP Conseil is trained in carbon footprint assessment and can guide you to measure yours.

We also cooperate with a network of privileged partners who are also trained in this subject matter.

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