CAP Conseil- analyse audit en developpement durable

An impact assessment of your company to get started

Do you want to create an impact strategy or challenge your current strategy? To determine the ideal sustainability strategy for your company, we start our cooperation with an impact assessment.

More about the impact assessment

Impact assessment is a collective process

Whatever your sector and the size of your company, you probably have already taken some steps towards sustainable development. We start from your reality and carry out this impact assessment with questionnaires and indicators. We also draw on market research, interviews and surveys.

Interview et brainstorming avec vos équipes

We brainstorm internally with your teams. These are framed with a bit of theory to make sure everyone is on the same page. Teamwork generates the best ideas and sparks collective enthusiasm for having more impact.

Innovation and change

We use a range of methods to drive innovation and manage the change generated by these sessions.

Trends in your industry regarding sustainability

The focus on impact allows us to paint a baseline picture of your organisation and to highlight sustainability trends in your sector.

Sustainability assessment of your company

We start from what is already ‘sustainable’ in your organisation and focus on areas for improvement.

Multifactorial analysis of your impact

This multi-faceted analysis of your impact assessment serves as a starting point to define the work packages for a sustainable development policy that makes sense.

Why start with an impact assessment ?

This will allow you to determine the elements that your organisation should focus on to be as efficient and pragmatic as possible.

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