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Towards a more sustainable and eco-responsible purchasing policy

Complying with the standard of sustainable purchasing is essential today for CSR. At CAP Conseil, we help you comply efficiently.

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ISO 20400 compliant

If you are responsible for purchasing in your organisation, you're certainly wondering how you could make your purchasing policy more socially responsible or sustainable.

That question is unavoidable today, and we are well positioned to grasp its importance. Already in 2015, we were mandated by the Bureau of Standardisation as the Belgian experts in the international working group that drafted the ISO 20400 guidelines on sustainable purchasing.

CAP conseil is also specialised to help you comply with international reference texts and the related implementation tools.

CAP conseil is closely following the progress made on the future European

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Sustainable purchasing – ISO 20400

A responsible purchasing strategy made to last

We help you comply with reference standards and tools, as well as future and already applicable legislation. To do so, we assess your current purchasing policy and indicate where you could make improvements.

Definition of responsible purchasing

You can put in place a variety of measures to improve your purchasing practices and make them more sustainable and socially responsible: risk analysis, an efficient and pragmatic due diligence system, an internal purchasing policy, a control and audit system, engagement with your suppliers, capacity building...

Risk Mapping
Example of risk mapping of a supply chain by type of products or services

Why adopt a responsible purchasing policy?

A sustainable purchasing policy in line with the ISO 20400 standard gives you a competitive advantage. It allows you to:

improve your brand reputation

develop a stronger and more reliable long-term relationship with your suppliers

reduce your costs in the long term

manage your risks by focusing on human rights issues

Reliable sources about responsible purchasing

Want to know more? Feel free to check the following links. They will give you reliable information about responsible purchasing.

Our services

CAP conseil can support you taking structural measures (for all types of purchases combined) and specific action (for a specific purchase).

Structural measures


Analysis of your current purchasing policy

Together with you, we assess your list of suppliers and help you tailor your supply chain in line with the ISO 20400 standard.


Purchasing portfolio mapping

We carry out a risk matrix to identify for each purchase and each supplier the level of risks incurred by your organisation (possible stock shortages, environmental risk, social risks...)


Training your buyer teams and implementation of a sustainable purchasing policy

  • Sustainable purchasing strategy
  • Integration of sustainable criteria in your calls for offers
  • Selection of sustainable suppliers
  • Contract management
  • Audit of suppliers on CSR: due diligence, types of audit

Specific action

Need analysis

Life-cycle cost analysis

Risk analysis

Search for suppliers

ESE clauses (environment, social, ethical) in contracts

Analysis of bids received


Effective tools for your sustainable purchasing policy

Whatever the size or activity of your organisation, we can support you to create a responsible purchasing policy based on the ISO 20400 standard. ISO 20400 provides guidelines for integrating social responsibility into your purchasing process.

We have also developed our own tools to help you implement a responsible purchasing strategy within your organisation quickly and efficiently.

Assurance and audit reports

Social audit

The AA1000 AS standard guarantees the reliability and credibility of the extra-financial information that you communicate in a sustainable development report.

CAP conseil is an AA1000 AS auditor and can therefore audit and issue statements based on the principles of materiality, completeness and relevance of your report.

SA 8000

Designed by SAI, SA 8000 is a management system that integrates into a company's practices full and documented compliance with 8 ILO core conventions on decent work.

CAP conseil is trained as an SA 8000 auditor, which enables it to prepare its clients for social audits by implementing labour or procurement practices that respect workers' rights in their factories or suppliers.

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