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Circular economy for positive environmental impact

We help you implement a circular economy policy to increase the impact of your CSR strategy.

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Member of the Circulab community

To improve your environmental impact, we use circular design. This methodology enables your organisation to evolve towards a more resilient business model and to create regenerative solutions.

Anne-Catherine Trinon has been a member of the Circulab community since 2022. Circulab is a community of 100+ experts who help activate the circular economy worldwide.

Design thinking and circularity

The Circulab method is inspired by design thinking and lets several solutions emerge at the same time.

Viable: projects that combine reliability and differentiation

Feasible: accessible projects that enhance your know-how

Desirable: projects that take into account your stakeholders and start from your users’ basic needs

Circular: projects that keep living ecosystems alive

chart source: Circulab

Design and production methods rooted in the circular economy

The circular economy is a new paradigm that invites us to think outside of silos and the very notion of waste to optimise and perpetuate the value of products, components and materials.

This new paradigm allows you to imagine projects that are more resource-efficient and extend how long resources and materials last. It opens up a whole range of new creative possibilities.

Reusable Circulab tools accessible for all

The Circulab tools we use allow as many people as possible to get involved and to share their knowledge and experience.

Whether it is to grasp the context, generate ideas or learn, or be informed about the best initiatives, these tools allow as many people as possible to get involved in the change process towards a more circular economy.

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