CAP Conseil- analyse audit en developpement durable

A process to implement your CSR strategy at lower risks

CAP Conseil helps you implement your CSR strategy optimally thanks to an efficient risk and opportunity assessment.

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A CSR implementation with constant monitoring of your KPIs

Creating an impact strategy goes hand in hand with a comprehensive analysis of your company's operation and value chain.


Assessment of your CSR performance and that of competitors

Our intervention begins with an in-depth analysis of your business. We assess your degree of ambition, how your organisation impacts the planet and the steps you've already taken to reduce your impact.

We assess the degree of maturity of your competitors on the same topics. Once we have considered all these elements and developed a strategy, it is time for implementation.


Constant monitoring of your CSR performance

We set up a dashboard that helps you translate your objectives into action and measure progress.

That is how we support the governance of the project and make sure sustainability is considered at all levels of your company.


ESG compliant reporting

Our project monitoring gathers all the necessary information to be able to draw up an ESG report (environment, social, governance) or develop ad hoc communication.

At CAP conseil, we have a specific toolbox to support you in the assessment of the risks and opportunities for your company.

Responsible purchasing

We help you assess potential improvements in your current purchasing policy.

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Circular economy

We are Circulab certified since 2022. We help you develop projects that fit into the circular economy.

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