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GRI: the reference model in extra-financial reporting

The GRI standards are the reference today for extra-financial reporting. We are the only official GRI trainers in Belgium that can accompany you from A to Z in your GRI reporting

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CAP Conseil is the only official GRI trainer in Belgium.

We are well positioned to support you in drawing up a report in accordance with these authoritative standards. We are a GRI Certified Partner. This label can only be obtained after a demanding training and an annual refresher course.

CAP Conseil - GRI Training Partner - Bruxelles

Why a GRI report?

A report following these standards will cover all the important topics of your organisation, including the societal impact of your company and demonstrating how you manage them.

These GRI reports are highly valued by investors, policymakers, capital markets and civil society.

In the frame of the EU Taxonomy, an extra-financial report will become compulsory for large companies. In 2025, this requirement will be expanded to large SMEs.

GRI training

GRI standards are complex, and understanding their ins and outs is key to ensuring efficient reporting. We offer GRI training that allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out your GRI reporting according to GRI standards.

And if you do not have the necessary resources to write it, we can assist you to structure your reporting, to collect information and to write your GRI report.

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The GRI standards were updated in October 2021 to reflect new regulatory requirements and incentives.

  • The universal GRI standards were revised to incorporate human rights and environmental due diligence, in line with intergovernmental expectations. These standards now apply to all organisations.
  • The new GRI sector standards allow for more consistent reporting of sector-specific impacts.
  • The topic GRI standards were adapted for use with the revised universal standards. They now list the information you need to provide on a particular topic.

Our GRI training courses will show you how to integrate these new elements into your future reports

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Referencing your GRI report

When you share your extra-financial report with as many people as possible, your company can achieve even more with its sustainability strategy.

This gives your company's responsible approach more visibility

You contribute to the improvement of best practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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