CAP Conseil- analyse audit en developpement durable

We Walk the Talk

At CAP Conseil, we like to do what we say. Sustainability is also a matter of digital technology.

That is why we chose a sober website with a sleek design and a minimum of photos to limit our ecological footprint.


CAP conseil’s vision

Contribute to a new definition of ‘business as usual’: a sustainable business/organisation by design.

CAP conseil's mission

Improve the societal added value of our clients: their usefulness, their role, their impact.

Improve the societal added value of our clients: their usefulness, their role, their impact.

Strengthen our clients' commitment to sustainability.

Trigger them to take their responsibility vis-à-vis society for the impact of their activities and decisions.

CAP conseil’s values


We do what we say.
We do our best and listen to stakeholders' requests.
Respect for others and acceptance of difference are paramount for us.


We have nothing to hide, both about how CAP works and what is happening in our sphere of influence.
To be well understood, we popularise our message and invest in dialogue.
We are transparent about our intentions within the team and with our stakeholders.


We take the responsibilities entrusted to us seriously.
We learn from our successes and mistakes.
We are accountable for our actions towards society and within our sphere of influence.


We continuously improve so we can evolve with our employees and stakeholders.
We systematically evaluate our services and the solidity of our social responsibility.

CAP conseil is happy to draw inspiration from the seven principles set out in the ISO 26000 guidelines on social responsibility to bring its values to life:

  • accountability
  • transparency
  • ethical behaviour
  • respect for the rule of law
  • taking into account international standards of behaviour
  • respect for human rights

The history of CAP conseil

CAP conseil was born 18 years ago from a simple observation: many organizations were interested in integrating sustainable development into their daily management and policies, but, in Belgium, hardly no consulting firm was able to answer their questions in a pragmatic and innovative way.

The market has now evolved from awareness to training, from studying what happens to standardized approaches, from good ideas to best practices. We are part of the movement, specializing on multiple tools and standards: the British series AA1000, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, EFQM and Bilan Carbone (c).

Our greatest commitment was to represent the private sector on the international scene during the writing process of the ISO 26000 Guidelines on Social Responsibility. Self-supported during 6 years, this work took us through learning, multi-stakeholder approaches and debates.

For five years, the team was made of the 2 founding partners. This gave us maximum flexibility and freedom of action.

Thanks to clashes of visions and Generation Y, today our team is dynamic, competent and open to the world.

Our team

Anne-Catherine Trinon: human-centred and pragmatic

Anne-Catherine has a degree in translation and business management. In 1997, she founded ACTStar, a communications agency specialising in sales promotion.

In 2009, as a pioneer, she launched a participative management process (collective intelligence) in her company and trained in coaching.

She has expertise in communication, strategic marketing and organisational management. Implementing processes within teams to foster change and buy-in is one of her strengths.

As a former CEO of a medium-sized company, she brings a different perspective on the issues facing management boards with regard to corporate social responsibility.

She follows and applies standards such as the GRI and has extensive experience with tools such as B-Corp and Ecovadis. She is also trained in circular economy.

Gilles Vanvolsem: impact and optimism

Gilles is a commercial engineer with a passion for the transition period we are currently experiencing. In recent years, he has supported Belgian companies in their ESG approach, playing a key role in sustainability projects. His involvement ranges from strategic conception to tactical implementation, reflecting a methodological approach forged by years of consultancy experience.

From Belgian SMEs to an NGO in Nepal, his career has been enriched by diverse experiences. In particular, his consultancy assignments have given him expertise in data management and digitization tools, which he now applies to ESG-related issues.

Committed to the community, Gilles has actively contributed to various organizations, notably as a member of the Club of Rome - EU Chapter. At the same time, he shares his knowledge as a visiting professor at the HEPL.

People working with him appreciate his ability to deliver results, his synthetic spirit, his diplomacy, his capacity to adapt to change, and the way he shares his optimism and enthusiasm with his team.

Véronique Graham: multiculturality, collaboration, professionalism

Passionate about environmental and social issues, Véronique has a degree in commercial and consular sciences. She also holds a certificate in Economics and the Environment and a Master's degree in Public Relations and Public Communication.

She has been active for more than 10 years in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), first for European business federations, then for Toyota Motor Europe (Brussels) and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (Singapore). Among her responsibilities: defining and coordinating the social part of the first sustainable development report, collecting KPIs, preparing the criteria and the Belgian and Asian partnership strategy with NGOs, sharing best practices between subsidiaries, coordinating the implementation of the code of conduct in Europe. 

Afterwards, Véronique joined The Shift. She conducts multiple CSR audits, gives numerous trainings and conferences on sustainability reporting, CSR strategy, supply chain... She also helps different Belgian sectors to identify their CSR materiality and organises stakeholder panels. 

She then moved to Seoul where she worked as a local representative for the World Forum for a Responsible Economy. 

Back in Europe, Véronique is delighted to pursue her passion within the dynamic and professional team of CAP conseil.

Annemie Godts : Environment, health, safety and human-centric 

Annemie is a bio-engineer with additional degrees in environment, health & safety, sustainability, coaching and management.

She worked for a long time in a leading company in the energy sector, where she held several positions in areas related to sustainable development at Belgian and European level. She has experience in leading small and large remote teams.

She is passionate about sustainable development. Sustainability should be at the heart of all decisions in our personal and corporate lives, and by taking on this responsibility, we will pave the way for a sustainable future for all.

She firmly believes in human dynamics, as all initiatives are born of people's actions and ideas. Sustainable innovation and progress emerge when people come together, collaborate and take ownership of their ideas.

Pauline Van Hijfte: the quiet force

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in economics and management, Pauline went on to complete a master's degree in the management of social and sustainable enterprises. This training enabled her to gain an understanding of the challenges facing companies in terms of sustainability. During her internship at the Union Wallonne des Entreprises, she was able to work at the heart of the company's Sustainable Development Objectives.

After a spell at Triodos Bank, she joined CAP Conseil's team. Motivated by the challenges facing society, she is delighted to be joining a team with 20 years of expertise, where she is looking forward to evolving.

Anton Rauwers: a lawyer with a passion for sustainability

Anton has a degree in law and in political science. 

His professional career began as head of the legal working group within the "BEAMA" federation of fund managers. At the same time, he contributed his expertise to the family board of the family-owned company "Rauwers SA", where he joined the Strategic Council as a non-executive member in 2022.

In 2019, he joined EY, as a sustainable finance consultant at  in the "Legal & Regulatory" department. In 2022, aware of the importance of corporate transparency on extra-financial factors, Anton also held the role of senior policy officer at CDP in Berlin.

Back in Belgium, Anton joined CAP Conseil to guide companies towards sustainable strategies.

Arthur Dercq:  Data science and innovation

Graduating in 2022 with a degree in management engineering from UCLouvain, Arthur enters the job market with a desire to make a difference. Convinced of the impact companies have on the planet and on people, working in the field of sustainability seems an obvious choice for him.

Also trained in Data Science, he brings a fresh, innovative vision to a fast-growing company. His pragmatic approach and the emphasis he places on creating value from data help facilitate decision-making and improve internal processes. This translates into practical and useful solutions, helping to drive the company forward in a tangible way.

Finally, his various experiences of life abroad enable him to adapt easily to new contexts and approach professional challenges with an open mind.

Philanthropy policy of CAP conseil

CAP conseil would like to encourage some initiatives with donations or support, in addition to its social responsibility taken in its daily practice as consultant and auditor.

'Every year CAP spends at least 5% of its annual profit (calculated on the previous year’s basis) to social projects in line with its vision of sustainable development

Criteria's to meet

  • Exclusive geographical criteria: the project takes place in or is related to Africa.
  • Favourite themes: education, development, human rights, woman and child protection, contribution to the millennium development goals, biodiversity protection.

Favorite beneficiaries:

NGO’s, non-profit organisations working on or supporting projects in Africa. Individual donations or support are excluded.

These organisations:

  • are recognized for their good governance,
  • have a real sustainability impact on the field,
  • offer innovative projects and solutions.

The request for support is made by the organization itself or by someone from CAP conseil.

CAP conseil reserves itself the right :

  • to organize a field visit of the supported project;
  • to communicate its support and the successes of the supported organization.

The support and amount decisions are taken unanimously by the two partners of CAP conseil, after consultation of the team.