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Finally, a simple and accessible sustainable development strategy 

CAP Conseil helps you develop your sustainable development strategy in a pragmatic, efficient and agile approach. We guide you step-by-step to your goal.

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CAP Conseil is specialised in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy for companies.

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1. CSR strategy

Where to start? ?

Carbon footprint? Extra-financial reporting? According to the CSRD directive and/or the GRI standards? Stakeholder consultation? Life cycle analysis? SDGs? Due diligence and sustainable supply chain? We help you initiate or strengthen your sustainable development strategy.

2. CSR implementation

How to put all this in practice

Together with you, we implement your strategy and deploy our tools based on the challenges of your business, your market and your stakeholders, while providing a detailed analysis of global mega-trends in sustainable development.

3. Reporting RSE

How to monitor your results?

We help you deploy and manage the monitoring tools you need to measure the effectiveness and results of your strategy, and report on them in the most adequate formats.

Why do our clients trust us?
nearly 20 years of expertise
a collaborative approach
neutrality and constructive criticism
pragmatism and agility